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The Mall - Reef Road

The first home we bought, our family lived in the The Mall from 1992 when our daughter was born until 1998 just after our second son was born.  This house is perfect for a family, offering two full bathrooms, three large bedrooms, plenty of closet space, and a great backyard.  Everything was refurbished in the summer of 2008, including refinished hardwood floors, newly painted woodwork, and a kitchen that just calls you to entertain.  Of course, university students LOVE this house.  Not your typical college living.

The Row Boat - Fairfield Beach Road

Lisa’s dream -- since the day we married, I have heard my wife tell me she wanted to live on the beach.  It took fifteen years, but we’re there -- at least in the summer.  Unfortunately you summer beach-dwellers will miss out on this cottage, but it is cute as a button, and ready for students the other nine months of the year.  Everything renovated in 2006, this small, but beautiful little cottage is among the best on the beach.  New hickory floors, new kitchen, and a washer/dryer -- a real rarity in college living.

The Baked Potato - Fairfield Beach Road

This is the newest for us, and we have just finished compete renovations.  Entirely new, both outside and in, the Baked Potato is among the best on the beach.  This house is also the most flexible, with three separate apartments, it has two and three bedroom units available.  You will also enjoy all the benefits of the Lantern Point community and the beach for a little less cash.

Little River Farm - Stowe, VT

Minutes from Mt. Mansfield, this is the perfect vacation home for Winter and Summer.  With four bedrooms, this vacation home comfortabley sleeps ten, and can probably squeeze fifteen.  

Fairfield Beach Houses
Keep out
The Mall - Reef Road, Fairfield - 1,800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, newly renovated
The Row Boat in Lund Court - Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield - 1,000 square feet, 3 bedroom, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, newly renovated
The Baked Potato in Lantern Point - Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield - 3 units (2 br and 3 br) renovations pending

All photographs NOT by Lisa -- shot on Brian’s iPhone 

Little River Farm - Stowe,VT - Four bedrooms and ten beds make this the perfect vacation home.  Complete with 60” TV, you can stay in or go out!
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